If you don’t know man below, you will definitely come across messages on social media.

His name is Abdul Saleem Palliyalthody. The government pays him ₹811 a day to serve the country and he will not take a cent over that stipulated amount from anybody else, especially as a bribe, to do his duty.

Abdul, a clerk at Angadipuram gram panchayat office Malappuram district of Kerala, takes his job very seriously. Despite the fact that public service offices have often become synonymous with charges of bribery, Saleem has become famous in the area for outright refusal of bribes of any kind in the three years he has served in the office.

His 40% disability due to polio is not an excuse for avoiding field visits, no. The great man is 42 and worked abroad till 3 years back and still doesn’t want to maintain that accustomed standard of living which is possible if he continued taking bribes in the highly corrupt posting.

angaddipuram Abdul Salim – Google Search

Indians’ such as these should be motivated for clean, developed, corruption free India.

Most appealing and important step for changing India should be change of mentality.


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