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I wouldn’t call myself a divorce lawyer, but sure I’ve handled divorce cases.

Here’s something I always tell my clients –

The situations where you are most likely going to lose and will have to pay, it’s better to pay the other side than paying the lawyers. That way, at least your headache will be over sooner. Average lawyers may not tell you that. I do.

Most often, the fights in family courts are about ego and revenge far more than anything else. These are useless things to waste your time, money and energy over.

I always counsel my clients to settle these fights. Simply because they aren’t worth it. It’s not worth it to waste your life’s precious 4–5 years (sometimes even more) over an ego battle where the only people getting richer are lawyers.

It’s also helpful to be reasonable in divorce and be courteous. In case there are children, it’s wiser to not drag them into your fights which means it’s best if you come to a reasonable mutually acceptable arrangement. Men shouldn’t bother fighting for the custody of the children if they are young (average cases). Women shouldn’t bother denying visitation rights. This is because the courts usually grant the custody to women and never deny visitation rights to men, which is only fair.

Nobody wins in a family dispute. Everyone is losing.

The wisest approach, for both parties, is to settle the divorce with mutual consent and no fights.


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