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I believe that the Government order to remove the Red Light from the vehicle of all the government functionaries is like‘throwing baby out with bathwater”.

The problem is not with the red light which is placed on the government vehicle of the officials or politicians.The problem is with the man/woman sitting inside the government vehicle whom people hate very much.

Let me explain the difference.

Please see the following picture of the brave Assam woman IPS Officer Sanjukta Parashar who instils fear among Bodo militants.

Imagine her efficiency level if she was banned from wearing her uniform.

Can any police or army officer be as effective without uniform as he is with the uniform?

The red light beacon is like a uniform that is borne by the ordinary car to be especially distinguished it to be a Government vehicle whose occupant is entrusted with public power and public responsibility.

If people in India hate the government vehicle with red light vehicle, it is so because they hate the government officers and politicians who are sitting inside the car.If an army officer is going in a vehicle with red light, people would only respect the vehicle and give way because they respect their army.

Government may remove the red light adorning the government vehicle, but that is not going to change the behavior of the officer/politician siting inside the car.

These officers can still put up the Board of their POSITION instead of the red-light and create the same impact on the mind of the people as they created with the red-light car.They would still be treated as VIP by the people.

Even though I appreciate the decision of the Government to remove the red-light beacon from the top of the vehicle, I still consider it only a symptomatic treatment.

Such an action may reduce the efficiency of many government officers because by reducing their perceived power in public places, government has also reduced their power to fulfill their responsibilities in the same effective manner in public places.

Just like a police officer in a civil dress can’t be as effective, a government vehicle in public place without any symbol of powercan’t be as effective.

If the government officers and politicians earn the respect of the people through their action, people would respect them and their vehicle with or without the red light beacon.


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