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I was married for 14 years to a man who is a great fine arts painter. He used me as his model, and paintings of me now hang in museums worldwide. I thought that was love.

He left me for a very young girl who worked in his gallery. He left when I was recovering from very intense surgery. It wasn’t love.

Later, I was engaged to someone who would , upon entering our home, drop to his knees theatrically and break into song. He called me his goddess, and bragged effusively about me to everyone he met. Then I had a severe illness that sent me into the hospital for a week. He never showed up. When I got home, he had my bags packed and put me in a car to my parents’ house. He’d met someone and hadn’t told me. Not love.

Then I met David. We fell in love, and after a couple of months, I became quite ill (recurrence of previous thing.)

He sublet his place and moved to, where I was recovering, to take care of me. For a month. He also took care of my elderly mother.

After I recovered, I had to start working again. David stayed  to take care of my Mom, while I worked  and he worked remotely.

He is my rock. He is my Prince Charming. He expresses love through actions, not flowery words (although he does sling a very good compliment.) He is handsome, funny, and brilliant.. and I finally know what actual love is. He makes me strive to deserve him, and I’ve become a better daughter, friend, sister… and romantic partner.

Real men (or women/gender identification of choice) show love through actions. I didn’t know what love was. Now that I do, I try to up my game in every area… showing love through action, every way I can.

Love is a verb. People are their actions. If you want to know if someone loves you, look at how they treat you and what they do.

I can not express how grateful I am, to have met a truly loving man, whom I find more attractive every day. It’s never too late to learn… and it’s never too late to love.


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