medical team discussing results with patient

A wise man once said ,

All marital conflict is about money.”

All commerce is about the money, and since health care is a commodity, bought and sold on a marginally open market, health care is all about the money.

Relationship between doctor and patient has become all about the money as well.

The minute a patient walks into the doctor’s clinic money is on the table in the form of a co-pay and a request for health insurance information.

Resentment around doctor’s salaries or earnings blinds people to the administrators and pharmaceutical companies who are pulling in many magnitudes more than your average primary care doctor.

High profile stories of doctors with financial ties to various organizations erode trust.

Many people don’t realize it, but medical students are taught virtually nothing about money. It never comes up.Students are too busy learning how to take care of people, the professionalism and ethics surrounding their chosen field, and how to pass NEET-PG and MBBS.

Most graduating doctors know very little about billing and virtually nothing about costs. You know what graduates know a lot about that sort of thing? Business school grads.

Money comes between husbands and wives, doctors and patients, buyers and sellers.

Anything that comes between the doctor and the patient sitting in front of him or her separates two human beings and disrupts the relationship upon which we build trust in each other.


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