I went to fill diesel in my car at a pump . I asked the guy to fill the tank completely. He started filling and as soon as fuel worth Rs.282 was displayed he  stop
ped filling. I asked him, what happened? He said ki light chali gai (no power supply)and the generator will get switched on and the reading will start afresh. Which meant that i will have to pay 282 + further amt. I had a doubt that he is trying to trick me.

Still I paid him 282 + 1350 with lot of argument.

The next day I again went back to the pump and met the owner of the pump  and told him that I was fooled by one of his staff. He said that every nozzle in the pump is monitored by computer and CCTV and asked me the time of fill which I told. He logged on to his computer and traced the amt Rs1350 and time too. He said if what this guy was saying is true then we should see a figure of 282 above 1350 which is not there. Which means this guy really fooled you.

He called his staff and said Rs 300 penalty + 282 recovery from that guy. Plus usko bolo ki kalse kaam par nahi aaye (please ask him not to report to work from tomorrow).

The owner said that every thing is digitalised, so business has become very transparent and apologized for the inconvenience caused.
Finally refund was received through Rs 282 worth petrol.

That is digital India for you guys.

Stand up and fight.


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