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A famous proverb says: “Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.”

It is better to be a first class citizen in India than being a second or a third class citizen in a foreign country.

It is a fact that you can leave India but you can’t escape your identity as an Indian.

Your skin is not going to become as fair as European.Your race is not going to be the same as European.

You would continue to be treated as an Indian even if you are staying in USA/UK or in any other country ruled by European for several decades.

Even if they don’t use racial slur against you before you for the fear of law, they hardly treat you as their equal.

You have perhaps not seen the corruption, filth, racial discrimination, poverty and corruption in other countries.

You better go there to live for some time to know what you are taking for granted in India.

There are certain things whose value is not known till they are lost.

All the money of the world can’t buy you the respect and honour which you can get only in your own country by doing something for your motherland.

If India is filthy and corrupt, why don’t begin the process of cleaning up starting with yourself.

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