This happened with us when we visited Goa.

One day, when we were roaming in the Calangute Beach, we decided to have some afternoon snacks in a beach-side hotel. We went there, looked into the menu card, observed the prices, and ordered our meal.

After finishing the meal, the waiter handed us the bill. I just looked at the total and was about to pay, when my friend observed some discrepancies in the individual prices. We had ordered 2 butter toast, 1 egg toast, and 3 chicken toast, whose individual prices were 25/toast, 40/toast and 80/toast. But when the bill came the they wrote 2 butter toasts at Rs. 60, 1 egg toast at Rs. 40 and 3 chicken toasts at Rs. 400. We called the waiter and showed him the errors. He said, “Ok, I’ll check with my manager” and went away with the bill. Mind it, it was a hand-written bill.

After few minutes, he came back saying, “Sorry sir, it was our mistake” and handed over a new bill. Here, he corrected all the mistakes and exact prices were charged. We paid and left thinking it might be a genuine mistake from their part, but we made a note of checking the bill before paying.

In the evening, we went to a new beach-side hotel, and again the same incident happened, and when we checked with the waiter he said the same thing and handed a new bill. Now, we realized that it’s an intentional mistake to make some extra money.

So, if you’re visiting Goa, and having food in a beach-side hotel, check the individual prices and then pay the bill, because most of them will give you a hand written bill.

But, that being said, whenever we went to some hotel where computer generated bills were issued, no such discrepancies were found.

Happy visiting Goa.

Mayur Sadhu


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