An incident that taught me that even one rupee matters.

This incident happened an year ago when I was returning to my home for the summer vacation. One fine evening, I saw that my mother was counting the money which my younger brother had collected in his piggy bank. A One rupee coin slipped under the bed. She asked me to get a broom so that she can remove it. Since I had been living in a hostel for 2 years, there was hardly any tab on how I spent and on what I spent. So I asked my mother to forget about that one rupee coin as it is a very small amount.

To my surprise, she stood up, brought the broom, took out the coin and went into the kitchen. Though she didn’t utter a word, I realised the conditions that my parents have survived and the efforts that they took to provide me such luxury.

That one act of my mother changed the way I perceived life.

We must never forget our roots however well-to-do we become.


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