Farhan Rahman
MA (Sociology) Research Scholar

It’s a psychological war.
Throughout history, a minority (of political elites) has been ruling over a majority (of apolitical masses). This rule/hegemony has been facilitated through TWO apparatuses-
1. Repressive Apparatus, and
2. Ideological Apparatus

The consequence of these two apparatuses working in tandem with each other is- Psychological Terror.
The repressive apparatus is used to cow down opposition/dissent.
The Ideological apparatus is used to impregnate the masses with ideologies which suits (and thereby ensures stability of) the ruling elite. It is used to “manufacture” a consensus in favour of the ruling elite.
The above two apparatuses are used to create a psychological terror among the subjugated classes, so that they start considering themselves as second class citizens and renounce their political ambitions (if any).
Let’s understand how it’s operating today.
Using the Repressive apparatus (of Gau Rakshaks, Bajrang Dals, Durga Vahinis, Shiv Sainiks etc etc, there is a long list), the ruling elite tries to create a terror among the subjugated classes.
The issue is not that they kill, that they lynch in broad daylight.
The issue is that till date NOT A SINGLE accused has been arrested and tried.
So they kill with impunity.
It is this impunity which emboldens them- to strike again. To kill again.

But the pertinent question is- How many would they be able to kill?
Not the 12 Crore Tribals who reside in India
Not the 20 Crore Muslims who reside in India
Not the 20 Crore Dalits who reside in India
Neither the 2 Crore Sikhs who reside in India.
Nor the 2.5 Crore Christians who reside in India
The max they would be able to kill would be hundreds or thousands.
Not more than that.
That’s the limit of the Repressive Apparatus.
So next weapon they use is the Ideological Apparatus.
Through Print Media, Television channels and Social Media,
the Ruling elite tries to evoke hatred against a particular community.
It tries to manufacture an opposition against popular policies.
Policies which have empowered the marginalized, say Reservation.
It tries to create hegemony- a cultural hegemony, a monolithic culture.
Not to mention that this culture is that of the ruling elite.
And once the ruling elite has its way,
Molten leads would be poured again into the ears of dissenters.
That’s how they have done it before.
And that is exactly their modus operandi now.
The result is obvious.
The subjugated communities stand marginalized, victimized, isolated and psychologically terrorized.
The courts are failing them.
The democratic institutions are failing them.
The police is failing them.
The media is failing them.
But this conflict is not going to end here.
We are sitting atop a volcano,
which can burst at any moment.
The moment the psychological terror exceeds the bearing limit of the subjugated class, violence would be a natural outcome.
And this violence would be spontaneous, widespread and far reaching.
We would be, in fact we are, nearing a civil war.
It needs to be prevented.

And the way out is- empower the subjugated,
instil among them a faith in democratic institutions,
make democratic institutions work for them,
create a psychological terror among the fascists by using those same democratic institutions (viz. courts) to get them arrested and held accountable for their ghastly acts.
It would be difficult, but not impossible.
In fact it could be made easy- through Secularization of the Oppressed.
The Muslims must realize that they are not the only victims,
The Dalits must realize the impending danger and take a clue from history,
The Sikhs must realize the dangers of fascist forces,
The Christians must realize that today it is somebody else, tomorrow it would be them,
The Tribals must realize that they are not alone in their fight.
If the above realization occurs, Secularization of the Oppressed would be possible,
which would give them a psychological boost against the fascist forces who are gaining day by day.
This Secularization of the Oppressed is the need of hour.
This Secularization of the Oppressed is the future of this country.

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