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Four-year-old Atharv Taralkar had just moved to Goa with his mother, Trishna, a doctor with the Navy. He was still settling in in his new home and school, but on the afternoon of April 5, the unexpected happened.

Atharv was playing at home after returning from school, when the alumnium grills of his sixth floor apartment at Dabolim Goa came loose, causing the  four-year-old boy to fall out of the window to the ground  leading to his instant death.

In the midst of such unspeakable grief, his mother did the unimagineable. Dr Taralkar asked her colleagues at the naval hospital at Dabolim to contact the eye bank in the state, as she wanted her child’s cornea harvested.

Within the next few hours, enucleation of Atharv’s cornea was carried out, making him Goa’s youngest cornea donor so far, in a state where eye donation is very rare.
Atharv’s cornea has been transported to a hospital in Pune, where a recipient in need was waiting for the transplant. Cornea from one donor can help treat blindness in two persons and the transplant has to be done within 72 hours of the harvesting.

One must appreciate the mother, who had immense courage and the presence of mind to think of eye donation at such a terrible moment. She immediately contacted her husband, posted in Jhansi, and after consulting him, called us,” Vijay Priolkar, chairperson of the Rotary Eye Bank of Goa, said.

And cornea donations of young donors like Atharv are more useful in treating blindness, while cornea of elderly donors are utilized for therapautic use and medical studies.

Atharva was studying in UKG , KG school, the window was closed but the entire grill fell down!


Our heartfelt condolence to the parents of this young angel.

Father is an Army Officer posted at Babina.


I will start my fight against low standard of works in Government sector including the Armed forces.

It was the sense of psedosecurity given by the grill due to which we never imagined that one may fall outside the window.

We learned it the hardest possible way that how badly  child safety policies are ignored in our country.

It was a newly constructed building.  The window Decogrills were just pasted with Silica gel. To my utmost surprise there wasn’t a single screw used to fix it. This one negligence killed my son. It ruined my entire family. We are in middle of nowhere.

I will start a campaign against this so at least few other ATHARVA’S   can be saved.

Requesting all of you for kind support.


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