BORN , RAISED AND LIVING IN GOA ,   The art bug bit her at an early age. She has  a vivid memory of sitting with mum making cards drawn from books of Bambie and Pixies which was thoroughly inspiring. Her family encouraged and motivated her and that’s is what kept her going into the art field.
Glued to the box, watching animated movies further lured her into characters that compelled her to pause frames by default, pull out her old scraggy sketch book and replicate them. This gradually drew her into creating characters of her own.
She derived  general sense and skill of art by graduating from The Goa College of Art, and majored in Illustration. Further,she developed her skills through the course at Art and Animation School Goa. She has further developed her skills in Pre-production trained by some of the best artists in India in the school, creating an interest in characters.
She wants to keep growing as an artist and go where her art leads her.
You can also view her works at
Some of her artworks are here
She has described each of her artwork in her blog, please do check it out

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