Casfer TechnologiesPvt. Ltd. (opc)



On this planet, in the Asian continent, in western India of the southern part of Goa were three young men. Lived a modest life until a strike of an idea brought them together. From 9 pm to 6 am there are simple, regular guys with normal life but from 6.01 am they are saving the world and Un-disrupting supply chains through Technology.


We work. Mostly because it pays and because it is fun. When the tangle of unclear roads jumps at our client’s Destination we usually provide a Jet pack. Or sometimes when it is more difficult to find a manufacturer or a wholesaler for a Retailer (product sourcer) than a Needle in a haystack we implement what Iron man said – we get a big magnet of Researchers. There are a lot of fun stuff we do that you can also be part of. Why not write us (email link), and we promise we will get back to you by 24 hours, if we are not super busy saving the world.


With our suits and invisible capes hanging, flying from our backs with our charged-up finger tips on Super computers. Diving into the mail box to save the drowning ships and saving those by giving a solution of a floater. Then, flying to the various places through conference calls on various issues; Feasibility studies, Consultation, Product Research and Sourcing, Logistics, Software Development and most of the times the neighbour’s cat from the tree. By evening we are fighting our arch nemeses Time to complete the work and we defeat him every single time. (it’s funny, get it?).


Experience Unity of our experience climbs mountain of a decade – in Software Development, e commerce, supply chain management and logistics. Charmingly Good Looking If you get in a conference call with us we could take off our superhero mask to show you how devilishly handsome and charming, we are. Also, greatly, equipped with Problem Solving and Consultations skills. Humble That’s not true! We are super heroes for crying out loud. Unless you see yourself as a superhero we can sit across a table. And shsss! Since you found us, you are SPECIAL.


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