Your TIME is precious don’t waste it, once it will pass you will regret it. It’s not elastic so use it wisely.

You are not a slave of your company,find some time for your parents. Because they are getting older day by day. So spend quality of time with them , Do not rush for making millions n billions by ignoring your parents.

World is unkind place , no one is going to help you in your difficult time, Yea you heard right, so Kill your expectations.

Person who butters his/her boss every time at work place will get more appraisal or promotion than a person who does hard work.

No value for hard work in corporate world. Because some morons are on the top level.

Don’t tell your problem to anyone , no one is gonna solve it.

Don’t discuss your personal life at workplace. By doing this you will embarrass yourself.

In love and relationship  true feelings are very rare. Your BF/GF is not going to become your Husband/Wife. ( I am talking about majority) They will show their true colour . So don’t take anything for granted.

Learn to say NO in your life.

Our passion is more valuable than Money.

At some point in your life you will realise your pet Dog is more trustworthy than your fast friend.

At workplace Mailing skill is more important than your core skill so learn it.

Always believe in God . He will help you in your bad days, have patience.


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