Who Killed Gurmehar Kaur’s Father – Pakistan or War Views and Counter Views – By Mukesh Batra

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, you may recollect the recent reverberation and outrage on the social media over a 20 year old lady Gurmehar Kaur’s stand on the protests in Ramjas college when she said “Not Pakistan but war killed my father” and thereafter she was sadly chastised by the Pseudo anti-nationals and false patriots. Several opinions over whether she is right or otherwise went agog with nearly anyone and everyone in submission and rendition of expert opinions and comments as if they wMukesh Batraere all war veterans and well read over the Military affairs and dynamics therein.


  1. The pure question of fact that lies before us whether she was in the right or the other side was right. Let’s look at both the sides. First let’s glance through the views of the other side.


  1. When a soldier fights, he knows two things. One is his wish and the other one is the reality. War is bad and this is his wish. The war is waged on him which is the reality. Both are equally important in life. A soldier keeps wishes for the prayers and realities for actions. Those who mix the two are defeated. Our wish is that Pakistan should be our friend and there is no harm in that but the strategies are never made like that. Take the case of Captain Saurabh Kalia. He was carrying out a routine patrol operation along with 5 men on 15 May 1999 in their own territory when the patrol party was ambushed by the Pakistan soldiers and taken to the Pakistan side and not war side where they were tortured for 22 days in peace time. Their bodies were burnt with cigarettes, ear drums pierced with rods, eyes punctured before being gouged out, bones broken, skull fractured, lips cut, private parts and limbs chopped and all sorts of mental torture in peace and not war time. The skeletons were handed over to the families thereafter. Hence Pakistan killed them and not war. Gurmehar Kaur’s father too was carrying out a similar operation in Aug 1999 thereby implying that Pakistan killed her father and not war.


  1. Now over to the views on her side. In today’s world, we are very determined to brand people into various categories and end up going overboard in making denunciations and defending the indefensible. Gurmehar Kaur’s father was killed on 06 Aug 1999. For information of the readers, the Kargil war ended in Jul 1999. It’s loosely and not colloquially but incorrectly called Kargil war but it was a war in the valley, the deserts wherever the deployment was. Her father Captain Mandeep Singh, was company Commander of 4RR died in a terrorist attack on their company camp in Natnoosa, Kupwara when he received a splinter injury on the left infra-clavicular region and was declared dead on the spot. Thus he is a martyr as much as any one else who lost lives in the Kargil war. This 20 year old girl saying war claimed her father doesn’t by any stretch of imagination smack of any political affiliation. It may be better that we leave this young lady alone and then let the DGMO, the corps commanders and the brigade commanders decide how to handle Pakistan.


  1. After having mentioned the two pole positions, it’s time to introspect what is right. In the best of wisdom and knowledge, I opine that she is right for the reasons as explained in the following paragraphs.


  1. US General Douglas McArthur, the most decorated soldier in the modern times, said in his sagacious words, “There is no enemy country. I’ll shake hands with the enemy soldier when there is no war and vice versa but both will try to kill each other during the war. British Field Marshal Montgomery echoed the similar voice and sentiment “all nations are friends. War turns them into enemies”. War itself is the biggest enemy. French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte wrote to the British Admiral Horatio Nelson “Admiral, whether you defeat me or I defeat you, nothing will happen but one thing will remain forever intact, not the countries France or Great Britain, but the battle that will have the last laugh.” The anti war poet Wilfred Owen said “War goes beyond country for killing is its foremost duty”. Hence it’s the war that kills and not the country. War is a scar on the escutcheon of mankind. It’s an anathema we need to get rid of.


Hope you agree. Your suggestions are welcome and criticism most welcome. Jai Hind. Will be back soon.


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