MOLESTATION – By Anonymous

Growing up, my elder brother had lots of friends that would prefer coming over to ours because they know there is food and light.
They could always come anytime even when he was not around. He had his own side of the house, so they would just go to wait for him till whenever. i was still a little girl and my brother’s favorite person in the world, so i was one of the ‘’guys’’ as well,i was always with them and always in the room.
I dont remember much but i remember this particular friend who happens to be a family friend as well , take me to a room, unzip his pants and tell me to kiss his thing, or touch it. Till now, I don’t know if I have ever had sex, I’m scared of finding out the truth.
Fast forward to years later, I started talking to his younger brother who is about the same age as me now, and we got really close, seen each other a couple of times. but each time, i remember what his older brother did to me and I try to block out the images. Now , his younger brother and I are in a relationship. I’ve never told him about it because he would never believe me. nobody would ever believe me. i still see the elder brother and well , I raise my head up high. it is him who should be ashamed not me.


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