LOVE – By Prabhyot Kaur

When I was pregnant, my husband and I used to often argue about him being present in the delivery room. You see, in India, male members of the family are generally not allowed in the labor ward and my husband wanted to follow the suit. But, we weren’t living in India and I had no one else to ask for, so I was really upset with him for being so stubborn. On the D-day though , I didn’t have to ask him to stick around, he was there by my side the whole time, cracking jokes. After I think, 8 hours or so, we were informed that I was finally dilated, to which my husband announced rather loudly, “oh thank God, about time now, I was beginning to get dilated myself.” I was in the middle of big contraction and this one made me crack up.
After 21 and half hours, I was all but about to give up, I had no energy and no will left to carry on. I could see my husband getting angrier at the baby for putting me through this hell. I honestly thought he may not want to see her once she arrives, he looked so mad! But the moment she was born, the first thing he said was, “it is so hard to be mad at her”. And now, after almost 22 months later, he still hasn’t found the heart to get upset with her for anything she does.
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