By Frances Meredith
This happened to my dad before I was born.
My dad was in a relationship with a woman who had two kids. He thought he couldn’t have his own kids so he adopted hers.
One day, when his son was walking back from school, his ball bounced onto the road. He went to chase his ball and was hit by a motorcycle.
He suffered some pretty bad head injuries and remained in a coma for three days before they had to shut off his life support.
While my dad was at the hospital, the biker guy asked the doctor if he could talk to him and apologise for what had happened because he had heard that my brother was taken off life support.
My dad was approached by the doctor and he responded with a threat of violence. He would love an opportunity to get his hands on the biker.
So it didn’t happen. The doctor was like, “Yeah, nah. He does want to see you but not for the right reasons.”
The death of my brother had a huge impact on my dad and it was maybe 35 or so years ago now but he still cries about it sometimes.
I asked him (just to provide an answer for this question) if he would accept an apology from the biker now.
He said that if he ever saw him again, he would shake his hand and forgive him.
He said that the biker was just a young kid and he wasn’t speeding or driving irresponsibly. My brother ran out onto the road. It was an unfortunate accident but the young guy wasn’t at fault.
My dad said it was just hurt that made him want to lash out.
He has forgiven him but it took a very, long time.


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