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When I dispassionately look at the path that India has traversed in the last 50 years and the social media that has evolved now through which people express their thoughts, the consequent inferences are very sad and disturbing, to say the least.

1. What have the different political parties done in this period of last 50 years. Successive Govt’s have cheated and looted the people. Look at what Japan or a Singapore has done, in the very same period. Today, the views expressed in Facebook are largely pathetic, when it comes to a political analysis.

2. Most people talk about Arhar Modi, Only Sonia or My AK. They hardly talk about the Nation as a whole. While lot of things have improved in our day to day life in the areas of Telephones, TVs, Cars, choices of food that we get to buy, facilities of Internet, on-line shopping and so many more areas, the political discourse has been hitting new lows with “unmitigated nonsense” that will ruin the nation.

3. At the altar of supporting their respective leaders, people will not demand any improvement in political practices but they will go all out to attack, if some honesty is sought to be brought in. I carry least  respect for such posts, as it reflects the dark side of the person. I totally ignore them. Their postings start & end with paying obeisance to their masters.

4. Everyone has the right to lean towards any Political party. No questions about it. But then, does that give them the right to post outright lies and whack the truth for a six. Divisive politics, communal polarization, unlimited use of funds to buy votes from people using people’s money have been all pervasive. Should we not attempt to erase these ills.

5. People largely want to be slaves and wait for some crumbs to be thrown at them by the successive political dispensation. Pathetic. Reflects their complete lack of self respect & self esteem. But the very same people who crawl on all four to support their political masters will go ballistic against anyone trying to bring in honest change. May it be a T N Seshan or a bureaucrat like Ashok Knemka and such others.

6. Many a time the Nation has suffered immensely in not being able to choose a Govt. of their choice, be it at the Centre or the States. Booth capturing has been a real bane, wherein people like former PM, Chandrasekar, Bansi Lal, different Yadavs and such others from every state have indulged in during every election, with total arrogance and impunity.

7. Electoral rolls have been manipulated, since decades. Thousands of names go missing, every time. In that sense Election Commissioner & Supreme Court have badly let down the Nation, big time. They can keep talking all kinds of nonsense like “seeking introspection from all political parties” and the Supreme Court dwelling on this case since 5 years without delivering a single proper order. Their actions are unpardonable.

8. If a certain methodology like EVM with paper trail, seems to be the best available option in today’s times, why not use that? No one can then question the results The educated lot keep firing from their cylinders to ensure that such good practices are never allowed to take off. as their only objective in life is to see their master in power, for lifetime.

9. People should first realise that “they are Indians first and then a Arhar Modi, Only Sonia or My AK”. They should be up in arms when people are killed, places and properties are burnt and Govt. loots the treasury of the nation. The combined voices will then echo in the corridors of power and the country will improve.

If educated people cannot write for their country, they join the lot of  senseless trolls and they will lose their respect, no matter what they claim. And there is just no exception to this dictum, the world over.

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